Keto and Low Carb Diet – 1 year later

Keto and Low Carb Diet – 1 year later

Hey Self! You’re amazing!

keto and low carb diet
Before/After 1 year keto and low carb eating

Dear Self! Yeah, I’m talking to you! here you are a year later and still plugging away at your keto and low carb diet. I am so proud of how you have continued to keep your focus and commitment to your healthy way of eating.

You found yourself 100 pounds over-fat, unable to handle stressful situations, suffering from achy joints and the affects of excess inflammation that you didn’t even know you had. At first, you just were sick and tired of being over -fat. You hated your body and were miserable in your own skin. You started for the fat-loss, but stayed for how good you soon felt and the energizing affects of the keto and low carb diet and lifestyle.

You started out with a great mindset, and it carried you through the year – even the dreaded holidays. Even after allowing yourself to take a detour through the holidays, you got back on track.

You surprised yourself and me!

Every other dietary change you’ve tried has been just that, a trial. The longest you’ve lasted on a healthy eating plan has been about 6-8 weeks. You always went back to your old habits. BUT NOT THIS TIME!!

This time you stayed focus. Your mindset was rock solid. You deeply understood that you have the power over your choices and your body. Making those choices good one has become your single goal. Your mind is a powerful asset. When you set your mind to a goal, you are like a bulldog clamping on to a bone – you don’t let go!

You became a research ninja!

You’ve learned how to find your own information about your health and the affects of food on your body. You use that information to make decisions about your health and diet choices to make sure you are letting your body heal.

You’ve learned a lot about your body and what sugar and carbs do to your health. Sugar is an addictive poison to your body. Every time you ingest it, you set your health back a notch or two. Learning how sugar affects your body has been the biggest eye opener for you and the single biggest needle-mover in your journey to your healthiest version.

Another change I saw in you was how you understood that you aren’t helpless. You aren’t “destined” to be fat and unhealthy the rest of your life. Before this year, you thought that you were just “born to be fat.”

When you learned how your body is reacting exactly how it supposed to react in the state of excess sugar and carbohydrates, it was life-changing for you! The insulin is over active and signaling the body to store fat. I remember when you realized this fact – when it really hit you that the things you believed all these years were not true.

This is the video that woke me up! It opened my eyes to the truth about fat loss and the role insulin plays. After you watch this, go to my page and let me know what you thought and how it changed your thinking, too!!!

Can I just say how proud I am of you, Self!! You took control, got over the speed bumps and NEVER QUIT!!

and now you are sharing this experience with the world! I hope that people out there thinking they can never lose fat and be a healthier version of themselves will see your story and be inspired to try it!!

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings on the quest for your best health!

Love, Me!

Are you wanting to try the keto and low carb diet? We can do this together! It is always better to have a group of supporters that will rally around when the going gets rough. I’m here for you! You can join my group for more!

Y’all, if you want to follow me on my continued journey to my healthiest version, come one over to my facebook page! Follow and like my page so you don’t miss any of the good stuff being whipped up in the kitchen.

I am excited to share this journey together.

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