Why Is Clarity Important? 3 keys – thoughts, actions, habits

Why Is Clarity Important? 3 keys   – thoughts, actions, habits

Why is clarity important?

Have you ever planned a trip? Where is your favorite vacation getaway? Would you rather go to a beach or the mountains? I love both, but I’m a beach girl at heart. I love feeling the breeze in my face and hearing the water splash in and out with the tide, and feel the sand between my toes.

If I want to go on my favorite paradise getaway, I need a ticket, a vehicle and fuel to get there. Getting clarity and achieving goals is like taking that trip to your happy place. It all boils down to 3 things: thoughts, actions, habits. The thought is the ticket, the action is the vehicle that take us there, and the habit is the fuel propelling the vehicle to the paradise getaway.

Get Your Ticket to Paradise – Clear Your Thoughts

getting clarity
A dream is caught with a single thought.

Your thoughts open the opportunity and set you up for the journey.  Thoughts are the ticket to the journey that you want to take.  If your thoughts are holding you back, you’re going nowhere.  You can’t even get into the airport without a ticket, and you’re not going to that paradise getaway weekend you’ve always dreamed of. 

Getting your thoughts free of limiting beliefs is the ticket to your dream. All or nothing thinking won’t get you ticket on the plane. Fear and self-doubt keeps you from making plans, having dreams or believing in possibilities.

You’re brain believes what you tell it. If you tell your brain you’re worthless, lazy or incapable of doing something, then your brain believes you and keeps you stuck and standing on the curb outside watching everyone else going into the airport to start their dream journey. Clear thinking is liberating, empowering and powerful.

Get on the Plane – Take Action

Why is clarity important
Without action, dreams are only words on paper

Without taking action your thoughts just stay in your head and don’t produce results. Action is the plane that gets you to your dream of a paradise getaway. Without a plane, you won’t be putting your toes in the sand anytime soon. Without taking action, your dreams and goals are only words on a paper. Your thoughts get you the ticket, but if you don’t show up and get on the plane, you’re going nowhere.

You have dreams, goals and a direction, but without taking action those dreams will never be realized. If you don’t show up and DO the actions that are required to achieve the big goal, nothing happens.  Clarity allows you to take action because your direction is clear and the actions required to get you there are evident.

Fuel up – Create Habits that Propel

If your thought pattern is the ticket, and your action is the plane then your habits are the fuel propelling you to your destination. Planes don’t fly without fuel, and dreams are realized without consistent action.   It takes conscious acts everyday, consistently with or without immediate results to create habits that fuel the success.  

Why is clarity important
Why is clarity important?

Clarity allows your thoughts to buy a ticket to success, gets you on the plane taking action, and creates habits through consistency. Taking action everyday no matter how small powers you to your destination. With clarity, thoughts, actions and habits work in tandem to get you where you want to be. You need all three to achieve your goals and dreams, put your toes in the sand, and feel the breeze of success on your face.

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