20 Ways to Overcome Self Doubt.

20 Ways to Overcome Self Doubt.

When you are in the middle of overwhelm and struggles, it helps to find clarity in order to overcome self doubt and fear. You owe it to yourself to learn more about what self doubt does to you.

1.Question Your Self-Doubt – When you have self-doubt, you don’t have to believe it. Ask yourself is it keeping me safe or keeping me living small? Some self-doubt it healthy, but most of the time it keeps us from living the life we want to and should be living.

2. Analyze the Reason for the Self-Doubt– Now the time to analyze. Figure out why you have self-doubt. Is it a lack of knowledge? or lack of confidence in your skills? Get to the bottom of the self-doubt before you give into it.

3. Get Clarity on the Self-Doubt – Getting clarity on just about anything helps rid your mind of confusion and self-doubt. Use that analysis of the reason for self-doubt as a starting point to get clarity and move forward past the self-doubt.

4. You Are Not the Only One Having Self-Doubt – When we are in a dark place, it is easy to think we are the only one having those feelings and doubting ourselves. Just google famous people with self-doubt and you will find out very quickly that the most successful people in history all started with self-doubt, but they worked past it and move forward anyway.

5. Seek Advice From an Expert – Sometimes is helps to talk to someone who is trained in helping others overcome negative emotions including self-doubt. Counselors, therapist, social workers and many other professionals have a toolbox full of strategies that can help you overcome your self-doubt.

6. Confide in a Friend – When self-doubt rears it’s ugly head, I find a friend who I know will tell me the truth. A friend who will let me pour it out and then help walk me through the facts and opinions to see whether the self-doubt is or is not valid.

7. Use Journal Writing to Get Self-Doubt on Paper – One of the best ways to get those feelings out of your brain is to write in down. Journal writing can help you process negative self-doubt and help you turn it into self confidence.

8. Face Your Fears – Sometimes self-doubt is rooted in fear: fear of failure or fear of success or just the fear of committing to doing something new and different. Facing those fears head on will help alleviate self-doubt and encourage your to take actions towards your goals.

9. Practice Positive Self-Talk – Self-talk is the voice we all have in our brains. Sometimes it’s positive and sometimes it’s negative. Self-doubt is definitely in the negative self-talk camp. To get out of that habit of negative self-talk, start practicing positive self-talk. One of the best tools for learning to choose positive self-talk is a 30 day Mindset Reset course by Windy Lawson. Click here to get yours.

10. Use Visualization Techniques to See Yourself Succeeding – Visualization has been used by coaches for many years. According to brain research, your brain can’t tell the difference between imagery and actual real-life action. When you imagine doing something, your brain thinks it really happens, which is why you cry just watching a sad movie or get goosebumps by thinking about an exciting event. Visualizing yourself as confident and powerful can help dispel the self-doubt keeping you from taking action.

11. Set Realistic Goals – We’ve all know for years that setting goals is an important step to achieving those goals. If you don’t have goals, how do you know what you want to accomplish? But did you know that if a goal isn’t realistic, then it is actually keeping you from succeeding? A realistic goal is one that pushes you out of your comfort zone and helps you grow. Achieving a realistic goal instills that sense of pride and self-confidence to move the bar higher.

12. Determine Action Steps to Achieve Goals – If having realistic goals is the kindle that starts the fire, determining action steps is the fuel that makes it burn big and bright. Without actions steps to achieve those goals, the fire will dwindle and go out from lack of fuel. Self-doubt cannot thrive around action. Taking action creates self-confidence.

13. Challenge the Self-Doubt – Self-doubt is pretty full of herself. She thinks she knows everything and has all the answers, all bark and no bite. She is a bully. To put Self-doubt in her place and out of your mind, you need to openly challenge her. She isn’t as tough as she sounds, and when you challenge those lies she’s telling you, she will go sulking away into the corner where she belongs.

14. Review Past Successes – Usually self-doubt doesn’t take any past successes into account. “I’ll never do anything.” “I always fail when I try new things.” These ‘never/always’ statements just aren’t true. No one never or always does anything – I’ve never met anyone that perfectly consistent. When self-doubt creeps in make a list of as many of your past successes as you can think of. Don’t stop writing until the self-doubt is squelched.

15. Get Educated About Self-Doubt – There is so much education out there about everything and an expert on every corner. I mean literally.. Self education is the new norm. Just type “self-doubt” into the search bar of any search engine and note the drop-down menu of suggested searches. Solutions are at your fingertips – literally.

20 ways to overcome self-doubt

16. Determine What You Are Doubtful About – Sometimes it isn’t clear what we are doubtful about. Sometimes feelings of fear, self-doubt and lack of self-confidence can get convoluted and intertwined. Getting to the bottom of the issue of where the doubt lies, is the first step to getting past the fear and doubt and being able to make a plan to move forward.

17. Seek Clarity – Self-doubt is by definition unclear and foggy. When you are full of self-doubt, getting clarity will be the fertile soil in which you can plant seeds of confidence and courage.

18. What is Your “Why”? – Ask yourself why are you doing the things you do. Why do you make those specific choices? That’s your Level 1 why. Then – Ask yourself why level 1 is important – Level 2. Now go one more level to Level 3 to really get deeper into your why. That’s what keeps you striving to get rid of self-doubt.

19. What Do You Have to Lose if You Succeed? – Think about it. What would you lose if you succeeded in achieving your goals? Maybe self- doubt? insecurity? the inability to take risks?

All that self-loathing that we do when we are wallowing in self-doubt? thinking you are a failure? wow!!! That’s sounds like a lot to lose!!! And I want to lose it all!!!

These negative emotions and limiting beliefs are not worth keeping if it means sacrificing yourself. Let it go!! and Let the good times roll!! make progress, get stuff done, do it scared!! and all that stuff, but whatever you do, be willing to lose something if you want to gain your success!

20. What Do You Have to Gain if You Continue to Harbor Self-Doubt?

So, what does hanging on to self-doubt offer your future? more self-doubt and fear of success and/or failure? Your sense of self-worth? Your belief in your dreams and a hope for a better future?

Harboring that self-doubt that has been a habit for so long only destroys your future. Self-doubt steals your joy, confidence and courage. Get rid of that self-doubt and choose instead clarity, confidence and courage to take action and make progress towards your big, scary goals!!!

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