3 Lessons from Direct Sales

3 Lessons from Direct Sales

What I learned from direct sales

So life is all about learning and lessons from direct sales are all about me. Not really the products – I mean we all go in to the direct sales company of choice because we LOOOOOVE the product and want to get it cheaper – let’s be real here. I just wanted to get my nails done without breaking the bank every month, so I joined that nail polish strip company and now I have enough nail strips for a lifetime. But what I really got from the whole direct sales experience was a lesson about me. Well, actually 3 lessons…

ok, so we’ve all done it. well, maybe not ALL, but a boat-load of us have been in at least one direct sales business during our lifetime. We love a product and dive in thinking it is going to be sooooo easy, after all, the product sells itself. mmm, well… not so much. You have to work.. and that means having goals and being relentless with those goals. Day in and day out. Whether or not you sell anything – keep selling – keep marketing – keep looking for new hosts and team members.

All those things are true and you must be relentless in pursuit of your goals, but are those goals what YOU want? or are they what you think you SHOULD be doing? yeah, y’all that’s me.

3 Lessons from Direct Sales about ME!

  • I love relationship building, meeting new people and doing girlie things with just the girls. I mean, I’m a boy mom. I have 3 sons, and when I was teaching I was way better at dealing with boys that with any girls. As an adult though, I crave girl time and girlie things. And being retired, I don’t get that daily social interaction that I always got while teaching full time, so direct sales was the answer for me. Girl time, social interaction, and a product that I loved at a discount. Doesn’t get better than that!
  • I’m not a widget sales person. I mean I don’t begrudge all those creators out there creating the newest and best widget to build and live their dreams, but selling widgets isn’t what I was born to do. I love to try new widgets and products and stuff, but then my brain wants to try something new. Not a great combo with the concept of being relentless for one product long term.
  • I am a teacher. I love to teach someone a new skill or introduce them to a new idea. I mean it’s what I did for 21 years! I got up everyday for 21, went to the same job (basically) and taught the same curriculum (pretty much) day in and day out. And you know what? I never got bored or wanted to quit. Well, ok, I did once, but then I retired. Seeing light bulbs go off in the eyes of my students is what lights me up and got me out of bed to face that same routine. I knew someone, at some point, would learn something and do something they never thought possible, and it would spark clarity and confidence in themselves and their ability to learn and achieve.

Yep, I’ve been doing that direct sales thingy for a long time! I think I can count at least 6 for me. I don’t know what the statistics are, but I think that is not abby-normal for women. After all, direct sales is all about relationships, bonding and getting to hang out with the girls and do something fun and girlie while making money. Right?

But for me, it was all about learning about myself and the lessons from direct sales about ME! so get out there check things out, try new widgets, meet new people and learn more about your most important client – YOU!

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So come on ova!!! and bring a snack to share and a story to tell..

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